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About Us

MouthShield's Origin Story

The founder of MouthShield was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea and was subsequently prescribed CPAP therapy. He originally started with a full-face mask device which unfortunately didn't work for him as it interfered too much with his sleep.

He switched to a nasal mask instead and this was an improvement, however, he still had issues with his mouth opening during the night effectively rendering the CPAP therapy useless. He turned to the most prevalent devices on the market to address this: chin straps and mouth tape. After trying variations of both options, neither were well tolerated.

In searching for a better option to prevent mouth breathing, he came up with a crude version of The Original MouthShield as a solution for himself and hoped it would help other CPAP nasal mask users.

After seeing both his CPAP compliance and sleep quality improve with his first prototype, he had it professionally designed and found a local manufacturer to produce it which is what you see today.

Our mission here at MouthShield is simple: help others improve their sleep.