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MouthShield can help mitigate problems with chinstraps. For instance, many find that the chinstrap keeps their lower jaw closed, but the chinstrap doesn't keep the lips closed to prevent mouth breathing and they wake up with drymouth. MouthShield prevents mouth breathing and thus, fixes the drymouth.

Oral Devices

Mandibular advancing devices are designed to move the lower jaw forward to help keep the airway open. The oral device does not necessarily prevent the user from mouth breathing resulting in dry mouth.

Adhesive Nasal Dilation Strips

Adhesive nasal dilation strips such as Breathe Right Strips® are all designed to encourage nasal breathing. The MouthShield is a perfect complement to such devices.

Nasal Dilators

Nasal dilators such as “Rhinomed’s Pronto sleep device” is one of several products designed to be inserted inside the nose. These dilation devices encourage nasal breathing by expanding the nasal passage. The MouthShield is a perfect complement to such devices.

Dental Guard

For those using a dental guard to prevent nighttime teeth grinding, they will often find that they have begun mouth breathing. This is because the dental guard will keep your jaws more open during the night, and your lips may not stay closed. The MouthShield can fit comfortably between the dental guard and the lips to prevent air flow and dry mouth.

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